Darlinghurst Chiropractic Centre offers a range of services including:


Chiropractic is based on the premise that the body is a self-healing, self-regulating entity. Chiropractors understand that certain physical, chemical and emotional stressors can inhibit this innate ability.

“Chiropractic” is derived from Greek words meaning ‘done by hand’. The Chiropractor uses detailed history, orthopaedic examination, functional neurology and, where required, x-ray and imaging to develop a thorough understanding of your physical health and the underlying cause of your dis-ease. Then, using Chiropractic Adjustments and, Muscle Release/Activation, combined with comprehensive postural advice and exercises, the Chiropractor restores function and balance to the spine and nervous system and thus the whole body.


When muscles and tendons become fatigued, knotted, damaged, tight or immobile, Remedial Massage offers a healing treatment that utilises any one of several techniques to locate problems and support and speed up the body’s own healing process. It can be deep or shallow, soft or strong, relaxing or intense.

The massage is generally applied directly to the skin using lubricating oils. The massage helps to increase blood flow, shift toxins, and relieve tension and stress.


Podiatry consultations will be available shortly.

Holistic Kinesiology

Holistic kinesiology does not diagnose or treat symptoms. Instead, it listens directly to your body to understand the underlying factors causing imbalances in your system. It combines counseling with body therapies to achieve lasting results. It is ideal for anyone who feels stuck and unable to progress in any aspect of their life, from physical health to handling stress at work, or anything else. If you are struggling to lose weight, have digestive problems, suffer from chronic recurring pain or migraines, or struggle with depression or anxiety disorders, holistic kinesiology can help you.


Check back soon to find out more about our cupping treatments.

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