• 26 JUL 18

    Treatment of chronic back pain

    Chronic Spinal Pain Management
    Journal of Pain Research 2017 (Aug 30)
    Health care practitioners involved in the triage and management of patients with persistent spinal pain will need to become more vigilant about individualizing and coordinating care for each patient, to achieve the best possible outcomes. For example, Cecchi et al concluded that patients with chronic (persistent) lower baseline pain (LBP)- related disability predicted “nonresponse” to standard physiotherapy, but not to spinal manipulation (an intervention commonly employed by chiropractors, implying that spinal manipulation should be considered as a first-line conservative treatment. We note that spinal manipulation is now suggested as the first-line intervention by Deyo, since not a single study examined in a recent systematic review found that spinal manipulation was less effective than conventional care.

    Dr Jason Karalus, chiropractor at Darlinghurst Chiropractic Centre has considerable experience working with patients with chronic back and neck pain. He has been in practice for 25 years and worked for 7 years at Macquarie University as a lecturer, tutor and clinical supervisor at the student outpatient clinic. He says “now there are many studies which prove what chiropractors have always known, and that is that spinal manipulation or as chiropractors say, adjustments is the best treatment for the management of chronic back and neck pain.”

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